84th Legislature Update


Long time government affairs and policy leader Tim Schauer is writing a series of posts from Austin about the progress during the 84th Texas legislative session. We are pleased to be able to share his content with you including this post about “Focusing on the Fundamental Challenge: Texans Lacking Health Insurance.” You can read an excerpt of his blog post, below:

“For months in Austin and across Texas, several different advocacy groups and a few legislators have been calling for Medicaid Expansion utilizing the Affordable Care Act (ACA); additional voices support the effort but call for an alternative that achieves coverage expansion in a Texas specific manner. On the other side, conservative think tanks have been posting up stories and articles opposing any form of Medicaid or coverage expansion that embraces the ACA (short of some sort of undetermined block grant). The arguments move from policy to financial to philosophical to political and everything in between.”

To continue reading, click here.


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