Organizations across the state are advocating for wise public policies to strengthen healthcare in Texas, including:

  • One Voice Texas
  • Community Health Choice
  • Harris County Health Alliance

Statements from leaders about healthcare in Texas:

Ed Emmett, Harris County Judge –

“Healthcare defines us a society. Leaving people without healthcare is not good for them, our community, or our society.”

Elena Marks, President and CEO, Episcopal Health Foundation; Nonresident Fellow, Health Policy, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University –

“Texas has an opportunity to support the healthcare needs of its uninsured at little state expense. There are ways that Texas can work with the federal government to structure healthcare to recognize Texas’ needs and desires for some conservative features while at the same time meet the federal government’s requirements. For years, Texas has been a leader in putting Medicaid patients into managed private health plans and these organizations continue to be available to serve new members under restructured programs with new rules.”

Steve Wells, Pastor, South Main Baptist Church, Houston, Texas –

“Healthcare is not an individual issue, it is a community value and — for Christians — a faith community imperative. Why is making sure people have access to care an issue of faith? Because we are commanded to take particular care of “the least of these” among us. In Matthew 25, Jesus makes it clear that when we care for the sick, we are, in truth and in fact, caring for our Lord.

I call upon the Governor and every Member of the Texas Legislature to recognize that we are called to care for all our neighbors. The wisest and most effective thing Texas can do to care for the sick is to first help them stay healthy, and the compassionate way to do that is to provide access to care to every Texan. When we stand before the Lord and are asked what we did to help the least of these, what will our answer be? That we helped them as He plainly tells us to do, or that we told them to care for themselves, and then walked away?”