Faces of the Uninsured: Deby


You met Erika and Rob, two hard-working Texans who, despite working full-time jobs and budgeting their money, can’t afford the high cost of individual health coverage. For week three of our “Faces of the Uninsured” video campaign, we would like to introduce you to Deby.

Deby’s husband runs his own business, and as such, Deby has always carried the health care coverage for herself, her husband and their children through employer sponsored insurance (ESI). When Deby was laid off from work, she and her husband found themselves without health insurance for the first time ever. They attempted to continue with health coverage on their own, but paying $1,300 a month quickly became too much. Deby is hoping our state leaders can find a “Texas solution” to health care reform that gives her and millions of others access to affordable health insurance. Click here to listen to Deby tell her story in her own words.








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