Faces of the Uninsured: Erika


Over the next several weeks, we will be introducing you to real working Texans who put in 40+ hours a week, budget their money but still can’t afford the high cost of health care. These are people who work hard to provide for themselves and their families; they are contributing members of society who aren’t looking for a hand out. They are your neighbors, the waiter at your favorite restaurant, the hairstylist you’ve been going to for years, the office assistant who greets you with a smile every time you come in, the construction worker repairing the roads we drive on—these are the “Faces of the Uninsured.” Hear each Texan tell his or her story in their own words, and please share it with your colleagues and friends. We can help our fellow Texans gain access to affordable health care with a smart, Texas solution that includes a state-run health exchange and the extension of Medicaid. Texas is the home of heroes. Now is the time for heroic Texas leaders to transform our state from having the highest rate of uninsured (6 million) to pioneering a flexible Texas-style solution that protects Texas’ hard-working families and adults, and Texas’ future—our children. Click here to listen to Erika’s story.

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