Importance of Educating Patients on How to Shop for Affordable Coverage


I had the opportunity to talk with Lora Hines of the Houston Chronicle about the importance of charity-care clinic patients understanding how to shop for affordable health insurance.

The excerpt below highlights my discussion with Lora, from her article “Some with health insurance still prefer charity care”:

Ken Janda, president and CEO of the Houston-based managed care organization Community Health Choice, said some charity-care clinic patients who qualify for insurance under the Affordable Care Act probably would have bought coverage or purchased more affordable coverage if they had understood how to shop for it.

“That’s the kind of stuff that worries me,” said Janda, whose organization offered health insurance marketplace plans. “How do we get people to understand how to buy the right plan?”

He knows people would rather pay cash at a clinic like St. Mary’s than buy coverage they might not use. However, health insurance is like a vehicle warranty, he said. Warranties typically don’t cover basic repairs, but pay for major problems and spare people from bankruptcy.

Read the full article here.



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