Insights Into ACA Marketplace Rates in Texas


Wondering whether to chill out (or freak out) this summer over proposed health insurance premium rate increases? Here are resources that provide insights into ACA Marketplace rates in Texas.

This PDF is a snapshot showing current coverage categories for Texans. For example, how many Texans have Employer-Sponsored Insurance and how many have Marketplace, Medicaid, or have no coverage: Texas ACA Rates Analysis with Research

Texas coverage snapshot 2014 data

These documents show various plans and rates for certain categories of County, State and Federal employees living in Texas:





While these resources are helpful generally, they are most useful when referenced in the context of Ken Janda’s Houston Chronicle Gray Matters article about proposed Marketplace price increases.

This article from the Los Angeles Times helps explain the Affordable Care Act’s “risk corridors,” which were intended to help stabilize the early years of the Marketplace, and which were de-funded by GOP leaders in the US Congress.

Additionally, you may be interested in this national analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation of 2017 premium changes and insurer participation in the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplaces.


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