Next Steps for a New Healthy Texas


As the 83rd session of the Texas State Legislature wraps up, health care solutions are still in flux. Neither the House nor the Senate found a way to unequivocally enact better access to smarter, more effective health services, and deliver a resulting bill for the governor’s signature.

However, many leaders across party lines agreed on the need (and the business case!) for covering more of the 6 million plus uninsured in Texas. This is a positive sign and gives hope that support for rational care will ultimately prevail, and all Texans will have improved health care access.

Providing access to affordable, quality care keeps Texas children in school, Texas adults working productively, protects Texas hospitals and taxpayers from the financial drain of uncompensated care in emergency rooms, and protects Texas families from the single biggest cause of bankruptcy—unaffordable medical bills.

This year, more than two million uninsured Texans will have the opportunity to sign up for health insurance on the federal exchange, and have access to affordable health care for the first time. But over 1 million Texans below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) will not be eligible for the subsidies in the health insurance exchange and will be unable to afford coverage or care.

I believe we can implement a Texas solution for health care coverage that is better than the federal version, and we will continue to pursue a solution that includes the Four Bases:Baseball_Screenshot_2.0

1. Cover everyone

2. Build personal accountability

3. Reform payments/control costs

4. Consolidate and rationalize funding


Stay tuned for more about health care policies and issues, including education and insight into the health insurance exchange. As always, your comments and links are welcome.


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