Spreading the word about health care coverage in Texas


I’m honored to be included in the conversations the media is having about Texans and the upcoming federal Health Insurance Marketplace (so far, Texas has declined to run its own state Marketplace, so we have no choice but to join the federal Marketplace). Please help me spread the word about all the new, high-quality coverage options available for people who have long been priced out of individual and family coverage when looking for “over the counter” commercial insurance products. As I have previously indicated, I believe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has flaws, but one of the good things is the opportunity for previously uninsured Texans to secure affordable, accessible coverage.

Recent news articles about health care reform and the exchange:

  • Austin American Statesman: Texans expected to be big players in health insurance exchange
  • Houston Business Journal: A healthy approach to the ACA
  • Health Insurance Exchanges

Read all three articles by visiting the Press page here.

As we prepare for the opportunity to provide more coverage through the federal Marketplace, let’s redouble our efforts to expand Medicaid in Texas. Not only will we draw down billions of federal dollars (thereby reclaiming some of the money we send to Washington) but we will be able to cover the Texans who are still left behind: well over a million Texans earn too much money to qualify for the original limited Medicaid program, but will still be priced out of insurance in the Marketplace. The first of the core goals of Texas-style health reform is “cover everyone,” and right now, too many people are still left behind.


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