The 4 Bases of Texas-Style Health Care Reform


Texas-style Health Care Reform covers all the bases with a smart, balanced and pragmatic approach to:

  • Cover everyone
  • Build Personal Accountability
  • Consolidate Program Funding
  • Transform the Provider Payment Policy.

Details of implementing this plan continue to be shaped by the unfolding conversation. Specific examples of putting a New, Healthy Texas into action could include:

  • Transition Medicaid, CHIP, county indigent care programs and the ACA’s Exchange into one integrated program, an expanded Healthy Texas.
  • Healthy Texas: a marketplace available to all legal residents under 400% of FPL, with same core benefits but varying levels of cost-sharing/subsidy
  • Healthy Texas benefits based on Texas-specific Core Health Benefits
  • Utilize existing Texas licensed managed care organizations (MCOs) – infrastructure already in place
  • Keep Texas families together by enrolling parents of current Medicaid/CHIP children in the same benefit plan
  • Draw down additional federal funds available for Medicaid expansion, Basic Health Option and individual subsidies in ACA
  • Cover 3 – 4 million uninsured Texans without increasing State and local tax burden



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