Innovative Medicaid Maternity Pilot Program


I am CEO at Community Health Choice, a non-profit HMO originally chartered by Harris County that provides managed care both via Marketplace coverage (the ACA or “Obamacare”) and Medicaid plans. On behalf of Community, I’m honored to announce an innovative Medicaid maternity pilot program, in conjunction with UT Physicians, UTMB Health, and HCI3.

Medicaid covers more than half of all births in Texas – a large and growing number – and Community manages the care of many women and children in the greater Houston area. Our pilot program “bundles” payments to medical providers, increasing favorable health outcomes while decreasing costs.

Please read more about our pilot program here.

By the way: despite what you might hear sometimes, Medicaid in Texas is definitely not broken! In fact, those of us who administer Medicaid managed care in Texas have “managed” to save the state and taxpayers billions of dollars. The Texas Association of Business even sponsored a billboard celebrating this achievement.


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