Texas jails and prisons are the state’s largest mental health providers. This population needs the coverage and programs Medicaid expansion could provide. Read more here.

Over a million mentally ill people have been denied affordable care access in states without Medicaid expansion, according to the American Mental Health Counselors Association. Read more here: Access Denied.




The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) pool, one component of the 1115 Waiver initiative, has become an essential part of Texas’ health care safety net. The DSRIP pool is a mechanism to fund innovative health care projects that improve the care, quality and access for low income and uninsured Texans. There are 1,458 DSRIP projects organized geographically in 20 regions throughout Texas.

Patient now has hope through Memorial Hermann team effort, part of Medicaid expansion program under the 1115 Waiver. Read her story here:  Memorial Hermann 1115 Waiver.

Interested in learning more about DSRIP projects? Read more about DSRIP and 1115 projects here, including case studies and quotes from clients.

Mental Health Channel

New Healthy Texas is honored to partner with the Mental Health Channel. MHC is launching its online documentaries of real people and real treatment innovation here in Texas and across the country. Watch this episode, below, and visit the Mental Health Channel to see its full video schedule.

Children and Youth
One in three teenagers has suffered from one mental disorder and one physical disease. These co-occurrences come in specific associations: depression occurs together with diseases of the digestive system, eating disorders with seizures and anxiety disorders together with arthritis, and heart disease as well as diseases of the digestives system. Read more here.